Unlock Data Value

InfoTrie’s APIs help people to unlock the value of unstructured data, such as news, social media, company transcripts, pdf, alternative and private data transforming them to structured data which can be interconnected to reveal new insights that create extra value.

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data analysis
data analysis

An Architecture For Speed

We have realized sub-second latency: structured sentiment data and buzz data come out immediately if any information arrives. Our APIs can help you get targeted updates in real-time to assets, stocks, fx, commodities etc.

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Add Sentiment Ingredient to Your System & Algo

InfoTrie’s open APIs enable third-party developers to create a rich and broad range of value-added products. You can feed your system and algorithms with our sentiment and other alternative data.

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data analysis
data analysis

Use Machine & Deep Learning to Train Algo

We are specialized in machine learning, deep learning, and big data real-time architecture. You can leverage machine/deep learning in historical or live data by using our APIs to identify market patterns and train your algorithms.

Mine History, Monitor Present, and Predict Future

 Never miss any clue again!

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Why Choose Us?


  1. Coverage includes all 50,000+ entities processed by InfoTrie stocks, FX, Commodities, and any financial or business topic.
  2. Up to 15 years of sentiment history. The tick by tick and/or daily time series can be provided for any index.
  3. Delivery can be made by different ways, such as mail / FTP / real-time feed (CSV/JSON/XAML) to meet your demand.


State-of-the-art algorithms in the advanced Machine Learning and Big Data Real-Time Architecture can deliver trusted, clean, high-quality data by scanning various data sources:

1. Credible newspaper websites, such as Bloomberg, Dow Jones, Reuters; professional financial blogs, Twitter company accounts and so on.

2. Economics research papers, transcripts, investor’s relations presentations… 

Additional private sources can be processed on demand.


Latency is fully real time. Cutting edge algorithms accelerate analytics and speed time to insights. For instance, the stock analysis data, sentiment data, and buzz data come out immediately once news arrives. The corresponding results will be delivered to clients or updated to the database and search engine at once. Specifically, our simultaneous analysis is partially shown as below.

1. Stock Sentiment Analysis

2. Forex Sentiment Analysis

3. Commodity Sentiment Analysis

4. Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis

5. Twitter Sentiment Analysis