Get big list of article ids for time range for an asset

HTTP Request URL:

GET: /idata/get_articles_ids


  • nameid [number]

“nameid” will be concat of class type and id. eg: x_
where x is:

    • cm: commodity identifier . E.g.: cm_51
    • c: company identifier . E.g.: c_1389
    •  fx: forex identifier. E.g.: fx_141




200 Response will have the JSON structure as below
{“last_update”: <value ‘0’ will return current data>, “data”: [ {“date”: < Date in dd-mm-yyyy format > “id”: < Internal id of the article >} … ]

400 {“error”:”Invalid params”}
401 {“error”:”Invalid Auth key.”}
500 {“error”:”Something went wrong. Please try again later.”}