Get Company Id retrieves a company or a list of companies with internal identifier along with main characteristics such as ticker, long name etc …

HTTP Request URL:

GET:  /search_company?query=company name (*)

*Note: This API works based on query. User can give ticker for a company also as part of query. This API will return companies that are satisfying the query condition. Ie, if you give ‘FB’, it will return ‘FaceBook’ company detail and company(s) that have FB in their names. For query with ticker, it will result only one company.


  • nameid [string]

“nameid” will be concat of class type and id. eg: x_
where x is:

    • c: Company identifier

Examples: name



200 Response will have following default structure.

{ “country”: < Name of the country > “name”: ” < Name of the company >, “nameid”: < Internal Id of the company >, “is_active”: < Boolean value. 0 for inactive companies, 1 for active companies >, “default_ticker”: < default bloomberg ticker >, “ticker”: < Bloomberg ticker >} ] }

400 {“error”:”Invalid param.”}

401 {“error”:”Invalid API token.”}

500 {“error”:”Something went wrong. Please try again later.”}