Returns tags for an entity (Company, forex, commodity, etc ….)

HTTP Request URL 
GET: /idata/get_tags/


  • class_nameid [string]
    • Mandatory parameter
      “class_nameid” will be concatenation of class type and id. eg: x_
      where x is:
    • in : index. E.g. in_9
    • Input index id : in_ {for }
    • Commodity id : cm_ {for e.g. cm_151} which also includes crypto-currencies
    • Commodity all : cm_ALL
    • Commodity Sector : cs_ {for e.g. cs_1}
    • Forex id : fx_ {for e.g. fx_151}
    • pl: place
    • gen:general (gen_0)
  • subclass_nameid string “subclass_nameid” will be concat of class type and id. eg: x_
    where x is:
    • s : sector
    • i: industry
    • si : subindustry
    • c: company

For values of id : Refer the Static Data User Guide.

  • count [number]
    • Number of tags.
    • Return one batch of result by default. Parameter “count” can return several batches of result in reverse time order
  • last_update [number]


    •  0 means, there is no valid last updated data
    • In case of any non zero value, the response will have valid “data” only if the current data at server is newer than the last updated version reported by the client.


The below request returns tags for SP500


200 Response will have the JSON structure as below
{“last_update”: < value ‘0’ will return current data >, “data”:[ { “tags”:[{“name”: < Name of the tag>, “weight”: < Weight of the tags with decimals >}, { … < similar content for next tags > …} ] ,”timestamp”: < Unix Timestamp > }]}

400 {“error”:”Invalid params”}
401 {“error”:”Invalid Auth key.”}
500 {“error”:”Something went wrong. Please try again later.”}